Phone Scammers Fool Local Business Number

Phone Scammers Fool Local Business Number(February 28, 2015) Phone scammers fool the phone number of the local business. These scammers harm the people who answer the phone call. In the most recent case, a local shop has become a tool for these scammers to fool other people.

The event took place in Michigan and according to the manager of the local business, they have received an overwhelming number of calls saying that their office has called the residences of these furious callers. The manager, Shawn Howland of Lentz Auto Shop, said there is nobody in their shop who made such spam calls. Howland added that the angry callers said that the phone number of their shop was the one registered in the caller ID

There are callers who likewise said that the phone scammers were trying to obtain their personal information. Lentz Auto is an automotive shop, apparently. Unless people have problems dealing with their cars, it is the only time that this business will call them. Scammers are the obvious suspects to their unsolicited calls. They are trying to get a hold of the information of the people using the number of the auto shop.

Howland added that he is not sure of how he is going to talk to the victims of the fraudulent phone calls. He said that he just said sorry and leave it be because he does not know anything about it and he cannot do a thing.

Meanwhile, a tech expert from the group called Geek Group, said that using local number can make any scam calls legit. Chris Bolden stated that this particular motive is solid, but it is not a complex thing to do. He gave advice to people. Do not trust solely on the caller ID. Bolden said that a caller ID is easy to. He said that people of all ages can fake a call. On the other hand, Howland is hoping for the best and he wants to end this fiasco and go about his business. He wants to operate without having any problems related to scam calls pointing at him.

He said he manages a business where its phone number is constantly shown. Callers assume that the auto shop is the one calling them, when in fact, it is only the scammers who are trying to do fraudulent acts to the unsuspecting victims. This case is not isolated, as there are cases like this existing all across the country.