Recent Reported Numbers

803-792-2985 – Extortion scam dating web site.
By : Bob

301-271-8434 – they have my home address, & they just let me know that often,
By : Mary

702-936-7713 – the call came through as private

By : Lisa

612-715-1187 – Scumbag collections. Fake scumbag collections.
By : Anon Ymous

775-417-2440 – Caller states that she can help with my Visa card. She would not tell me how she obtained my information. The name she had for \”my\” card was incorrect. I asked if I should contact the credit bureaus since it seemed that I was hacked – she then hung up. called ID: 775 417-2440 INCL

By : Ms. Henson

650-351-1848 – Did not answer, no message left.
By : Jan

By :

By :

636-222-8482 – What a shame he just can\’t be honest…. But treating me like an idiot stops now.
By : Jessica

By :

857-444-0973 – This is a \”rewards\” scam
By : rp

864-421-6874 – International Trading Co.
By : Ginny

917-280-7435 – Disgusting loser do not answer or respond just block
By : Michelle

602-574-4937 – Documents By Design – BIM Consulting – Martin Cunningham – Revit Certified Professional
By : 602 574-4937

612-295-5702 – Received a call from this number around midnight but no one answered when I said hello. I could here tv sounds in the background.
By :

985-255-8183 – This number was trying to blackmail me
By : Alec race

386-252-3491 – This number called me. I never answer unknown calls. Whoever called did not leave a message, anyone who knows me usually does. Not sure if spam or not.
By : GG

530-554-1175 – They never left a message
By : tj

By :

By :

By :

415-379-0086 – 415 379-0086 is a crystal methamphetamine dealer. Beware.
By : Joe Joe

631-242-1548 – who does this number really belong to? I am getting calls from my own employer allegedly trying to sell me insurance on my work phone?
By : jo

By :

509-822-2596 – Called at 8:11 this morning and when I confronted the caller about the time they hung up. I would never trust anyone who calls before 9AM and then hangs up when confronted by the fact.
By : John

719-582-4511 – This is a art gallery called with great pieces and awesome people.
By :

910-984-4880 – Bot- Cardholder services calls. Scam call
By : Buffalo Bob

443-272-0348 – Robo-call from 443-272-0348 to my cell phone.
By : Steve M

By :

By :

By : Steve reynolds

740-236-1278 – Called said he was with Skrill in India and they are a vendor for Microsoft. Told me that their system was picking up bad signals (or something like that) from my computer.
By : Angie

714-923-7635 – This number continues to call (twice) and lets it ring once and hangs up. No voicemail, no person.
By : Jackie

By :

435-255-8649 – BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!
By : BEWARE of This

By :

929-214-1330 – Something about some discount timeshare rentals near Fort Totten, Bayside and Bensonhurst , Brooklyn…go figure…strange call indeed . Semper Vigilis, and to all a good night.
By : Tiny McKee

By :

218-228-1009 – Call from this number, but call back- it is not a working number. DO NOT ANSWER! It sent me a text. DO NOT OPEN!
By :

703-887-8789 – This person sent a threatening message to me several times. Not sure whose number this is.
By : Anonymous

859-474-5545 – Don\’t know this phone number, but it sent me a few random and odd text messages

By : Random Bizarre

443-355-2853 – Just said \”good bye\” when i picked the call
By : Chris

678-852-2739 – Called @ 3:46pm on 1/17. No response just hung up.
By : Jaye

901-730-4381 – These people keep calling saying they want to send me information but need to verify my date of birth! How insane is this? You DON\’T need someone\’s date of birth to send them some mail. Don\’t accept their calls.
By : shotzie

757-478-6838 – Keep getting very nasty texts from this #. Told them they had a wrong # & it still continued.
By : Annoyed

817-438-3302 – This number keeps calling and then hanging up. It never leaves a message.
By : Calls and hangs

443-845-9944 – another call with no message.
By : Pappy

By :

By :

By :

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