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806-349-3398 – This person has been calling me every other weekend. They never specify who they are looking for they just laugh and hang up. I am so sick and tired of this!!!

By : Sally

480-309-2118 – Fake Name.
Morgan Ashire AKA Brandon Lee Pearce AKA Morgan Ashire Wojtaszek


Call the cops, he keeps reporting his wife dead and she is missing, he sends death threats, and pretending to be her and hacking his own accounts-for three years. And he has a gun.

There\’s a drop box with all the proof that she left with a trusted friend, but she is missing. And he claims to have killed her but says no one will believe it and no one has done a damn thing for three years to prevent it.

Thanks. Someone needs to do something about this asshole.

His number may have changed, here\’s the address:

3225 E Baseline Rd Apt. 3011
Gilbert AZ 85234-5433

e-mail is

Anyone in Gibert, AZ region, please call the cops and bitchslap them until they arrest this asshole, the death threats were reported but out of state so they didn\’t do shit.

Need help from a good samaritan in Arizona.


By : jpb4

503-588-8057 – I input the wrong phone number this may be legitimate the prefix that I got the call from was 503 558 not 503 588
By : D Smith

503-588-8057 – I received this call form (Jessica James) said she was from Creditcard Corp. wanting to lower my credit card. then when asked to speak with her supervisor she claimed to be the supervisor- then hung up when I pressed the issue. I believe this to be a scam call
By : D Smith

270-421-9329 – Number belongs to Alican Bodur from Turkey. Was at WKU in Bowling Green Kentucky but now living in Evansville Indiana with wife Dorothy Shucker.
By : John

Children First Foster Family Agency is a private, nonprofit organization situated in rural Northern California.

Contact Information
Phone: (530) 722-1022
Address: 2608 Victor Ave, Unit A, Redding CA, 96002
Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
By : Children First

214-354-5061 – I am wondering is someone is looking me up.
By : Nathan Curry

904-505-1189 – Owned by Jessica Adame in Middleburg FL.
By : Verlena Bradley

By :

By :

435-275-9133 – Man named Ron Wilson with Indian accent calling me all week to try and scam me into letting him dial into my computer stating he is calling from Support Buddy helpdesk to refund me my money. Other times his number comes up as unknown caller id but today this number showed up.
By : caller

By :

609-760-6572 – Caller Wannabee bird from Texas. My name is Ace \’Portobello the only Dog Detective who can track down your wannabee from the back door.

By : Ace

617-782-0652 – No idea who this is??
By : V

714-786-4184 – SPAMMER

818-396-8327 – Emerchant Club
4119 Guardian Street
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Web Design and Hosting
By : EMC Member

By :

By :

By :

815-573-0173 – left voice mail on my cell phone stating they were following up on a sample of (unintelligible) product they sent me.
I never requested or received any sample of anything from anybody.
By : anon

401-635-0003 – This person called my moms Iphone through Facetime Audio so I first looked the number up then texted \”Who are you?\”
then keep looking and this person texted back \”Wrong number.\” Which was weird. I knew this person had a iphone because this person called my mom\’s phone through Facetime audio and I know that because my moms phone is a iphone also I know about facetime because I sometimes face time people like my dad.
By : Landon LaPierre

412-358-0002 – You can share your past experience with this particular number: Google
By : You can share y

412-358-0002 – You can share your past experience with this particular number:
By : Google

239-514-9515 – 239-514-9515 called with nor message. I.D. states that it is Nework Services. Scam. It has been blocked.

By : Anonymous

By :

314-392-0127 – robocaller used to repeatedly dial cell phone numbers on the do not call list.. Company behind the calls is Patriot Shield Protection, 9001 Manchester Road, Brentwood, MO. 63144 trying to sell \”extended auto protection warranties.\”

They are in violation of the do not call law and they call cell phones that are on the do not call list daily.
By : Khem

269-326-6484 – Had a missed call from this number. I tried calling back and it just answers with an automated \”goodbye\” then disconnects. No message left.
By : K. Shreve

By :

337-368-9986 – Good
By : Kathy Massey

By : Julie

201-937-8657 – Very dangerous person who is calling from this phone number.
By : chanel

510-367-9454 – Unknown caller. Left no message. Suspect.
By : Gus

By :

209-938-2614 – fraudulent auto body repair
By : walt

By :

559-801-3139 – Caller Wantabee Red Headed Knot-holer found on dangerous call list. My name is ‘Ace’ Portobello, Pet Detective (609-576-9770 – 609-502-1810 – 609-568-6572) watching over your shoulder, looking for that dog, may you get your wish for a back door review… call from Sally Sockum Silly…
By : Ace

By :

260-672-6252 – Received phone call from \”Parkview – 260-672-6252\” but caller did not leave a message.
By : Mike

801-752-1104 – Just checking to see if this caller is legit.
By : Clay Thornton

By :

By :

By :

By :

843-242-0069 – This is a debt collector.
By : Linda

602-737-2983 – repeated calls does not leave messge
By : brian sirk

425-563-6707 – Scammers are calling on regular basis from this number. When I call back, they talk about a survey.
By : Maria

505-646-4896 – Robo call. Message starts when you answer.
By : Jose Jimenez

865-813-9770 – got a call from this number today,it was a recording and couldn\’t really understand what it was saying,but did catch it said IRS and to call the number back to take care of the matter but I didn\’t.We do not owe the IRS anything and we do not file taxes,most likely a scam.
By : karen

By :

313-355-9359 – Criminal unauthorized practice of law
By : Criminal unauth

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