Laurent Blanc Called Angel Di Maria over the Phone to Play for the PSG

Angel Di Maria revealed that Laurent Blanc had made some convincing words to help him decide and leaving his team Manchester United in summer. Blanc is the current manager of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and he had conversation over the phone with Di Maria.

Angel Di Maria is from Argentina and he revealed that Laurent Blanc convinced him over the phone to accept his offer to play for the Paris-Saint Germain in summer, according to the Manchester Evening News online.

He is set to depart his way with his old team, Manchester United.

In 2014, he arrived at the Old Trafford to play in Real Madrid and agreed to receive an amount of £59.7 million. Unfortunately, he left his team after one year due to some unwanted issues with the Manchester and his injury problem.

Despite his decision to leave the Manchester United, the team still expects Di Maria to link up their final leg in summer for their pre-season tournament.

On the other hand, the 27-year-old winger stated that he already talked to the PSG manager even before playing for the final leg tournament of the Manchester.

He added that in July of 2015, Blanc had been talking with the Manchester United back in Chicago regarding him.

“The first time we spoke, it was before I signed for PSG. This made me very happy,” Di Maria stated when interviewed by the BelN Sports.

Adding that, “It happened the same way when Mourinho made me come to Real Madrid. They called me before I spoke with them. Blanc called me when he was in the United States and I was still on holiday.”

Angel likewise revealed that the PSG team is very happy to recruit him, and so they want him to play for the team for several seasons. This is the exact reason why he showed enough interest to sign the contract and play for PSG.

It was a new career move for Di Maria who hopes to play well and healthy with his new team.

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