Strange Calls from an Unknown Woman, Terrified Blanchard Middle School

The Blanchard Middle School experienced a terrifying day because of receiving several unexpected calls from a strange individual few days ago. The police are still investigating this matter to find who is behind the unwanted calls.

From the news of the, the Blanchard Police Department are currently investigating the situation in an effort to determine the person who made the suspicious calls that bothered the Blanchard Middle School for at least couple of days. An unknown woman called the school repeatedly, but they have no idea about her real identity.

The caller asked a female middle school student to consider taking the bus home. The police already informed the parents about this particular unexpected incident involving an unknown caller.

“It was suspicious, and we take all suspicious or anonymous phone calls seriously,” said Dr. Jim Beckham. “We have to. We keep our kids safe, and we expect parents to expect us to keep them safe,” he added.

Beckham is Blanchard Schools Superintendent who handles the ongoing investigation and believes that the students are safe because of following the exact protocol that the school is implementing.

According to him, they train their people better and one of their main rules is not to provide any information from unknown callers. Regardless if a caller is identifying the recipient as a relative or a close friend, they do not provide important data.

The news added that the Blanchard Police Department and the district are already coordinating about the incident, although they are still clueless about the caller. They are now trying to trace the call by communicating with the phone company to help them identify or find the woman who made the strange calls.

In line with this, Blanchard Police Chief officer Stacey White stated that they are cautiously monitoring the route of the bus when picking and dropping the students back home and they feel that there is nothing to worry about the situation.

“They were just very specific about the name of the child, but we have other information we are building, our basic goal right now is to find out what the motivation is, was this an intentional crime being committed,” said White about the situation.

White likewise added that the parents must not panic about it, although it is very important to check their students to assure their security.

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