Nazareth Borough Council Asks Police State Not To Utilize Their Phone Number

Nazareth Borough(April 09, 2015) The Nazareth Borough Council has asked the Nazareth Borough Police Station not to utilize the phone number of the department for their fundraising schemes.

According to Mayor Carl Strye Jr., the officials of the union received a letter from the council, stating that they must not use the phone number of the department while they have their campaign to raise funds. Meanwhile, the fire department of the Nazareth Borough had the same fundraising scheme, but they never gained advantage of using the phone number of the department.

The police union has been told to not use the phone number of the police association, according to the mayor. This event has stemmed when one resident named Becky Butz persisted to raise a concern with regards to the fundraising letter to the union in February, which tells the donors to make a call to the department’s phone number to make sure that the fundraising is legit.

Previously, Butz told that callers have dialed the police department’s phone number, but they are redirected to the Communications Center of the police department. Likewise, the emergency dispatchers have more things to do than to answer and verify the police union calls. Strye also stated that the concern was made clear to the police union. On the other hand, Councilman Brian Regn said that the issue must not happen again.

In the said letter dated February 21, the union asked the business owners and the residents of the Nazareth Borough to give financial donations from the range of $10 to $100. In one part of the letter, it reads, “It was a great pleasure that the Nazareth Borough Police station is doing another fundraising activity.” The letter continued, stating that 100% of the donations will be allotted to the Nazareth Borough Police Station.

The controversial letter was signed under the name of Frederick Lahovski, which happens to be the president of the Nazareth Police Association. Mr. Lahovski was not immediately available to make a comment regarding the matter. The Council president, Dan Chiavaroli, stated that the union can send a letter at any time they wanted, and it will depend on the business owners and the residents whether they want to donate or not.

In addition, the Council has taken the issue along with the telephone number of the police station. According to Butz, she wrote a letter to the union seeking an explanation where the funds will go to, but she never obtained any reply from the union.

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