Good Call Workman Gets £5 Note His Home Phone Number as the Same Serial Number

What are the odds of getting a note with a serial number that is the same as your home phone number? It is pretty crazy actually, but this kind of thing happened to a Good Call Workman.

Decorator Lee Sharman was actually stunned when he got a new £5 note in his change at a bar. Aside from being a new note, he was shocked to see that the serial number matches his home phone number.

Some of you might say that this is not interesting, but would you believe that the odds of this phenomenon occurring is 1,200,000,000,000/1. Basically, you have better odds of winning in a lottery than landing a note with the same serial number as your home phone number.

He examined the note closely and he found that the last 6 digits – 284163 – matched his home phone number. According to Lee, he has about four new fivers and he is planning to collect all the ones that he gets because they could become valuable in the future depending on their serial numbers.

He said that he was in the pub with his mates on Sunday when he pulled the fiver out to show them. He said that he was shocked because he found it bizarre that it could happen. He said that he would never have checked the serial number on the notes if it was still the old ones. He said that he only checked because they are new. He also said that he was planning to frame the fiver along with his business card as a memento.

He also said that he already called the bookies to ask if he could put a bet on it, but they said that they would not be able to put odds on it. He actually told the bookies that he had a fiver with his phone number on the serial number and they said that the odds will be astronomical. He said that he was gutted that he cannot put a bet on it, but he was happy with this unique experience.

If you ever got a note with your phone number as the serial number, would you also freak out? Would you try to take advantage of it and ask if you can put a bet on it? Well, if you are not amazed on this story, you can try it out yourself and see if you can actually get a note with your phone number on it.

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