Impersonator of Bill Belichick Makes Prank Calls, Tricked an NFL Rookie

An impersonator of Bill Belichick tricked and bothered a rookie from the Chicago Bears by making a prank call, according to the report of Yahoo! Sports. Bill is the coach of the New England Patriots and because his voice is note difficult to imitate, someone got the chance to impersonate him.

His voice sounded like a mixture of low snorts and growls wherein the impersonator did have trouble imitating him talk over the phone.

Cameron Meredith is not happy about the kind of prank call he received during a dinner on the second day of National Football League (NFL) drafting. Cameron is the former quarterback of Illinois State and later on became a wide receiver, the report added.

From the explanation of Meredith, the impersonator called saying he is Bill and nearly at the final third round selection. The caller added they are going to take him with the next draft pick. After the call, he sat down and watching the screen as the Patriots picked Geneo Grissom (Oklahoma defensive end) for the 97th overall pick (round 3’s third to last selection).

“They had the second pick in the fourth round and the next day and so I was thinking, OK, maybe it is tomorrow,” said Cameron. After informing his agent about the call, they found out that he is a victim of a prank caller.

Experiencing a prank call is not good for Meredith considering that he remained unselected during the draft. He showed enough effort to train harder with the Indiana Colts, Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns prior to the draft, yet still failed to convince a team to pick him.

Despite of this, the Bears offered Cameron a contract (as undrafted free agent) who will be receiving at least $6,000. If his performance improves better after 3 seasons, he can receive at least $1.58 million.

Because there are current injured players from the Bears particularly on the receiving corps, Meredith got the best chance to prove his worth earlier this season and seriously worked harder to earn a spot. He caught 7 out of 10 targets for almost 88 yards for this season, which include helping the team beat the Kansas City Chiefs after completing four catches and 52-yard run. If he will continue to perform better, it is always possible for Cameron to sign a full contract in the coming years.